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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Extremes Meet

This comment made me laugh because it's true:
Extremes meet. The extreme Left is the extreme Right. We have been seeing this for years, since leftists who support women’s rights, gay rights, and minority rights nevertheless are silent about jihadists who murder women, homosexuals, and Darfurians. Ron Paul is a leftist rightist.
This should be obvious to anyone who's ever used the popular video-sharing website YouTube. Its twisted commentators routinely disparage mainstream politicians and praise the extremists, namely Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. No matter that the two are ideologically polar opposites, Ron Paul wanting a radically smaller government and Kucinich a radically larger one; they are praised equally. A Paul video is rated with 5 stars almost automatically, and a Kucinich video is as well. YouTubers seem not to have any firm ideology, being almost amnesiac in their instant switching of praise from Paul to Kucinich and vice versa. Ron Paul supporters aren't right-wing; if I had to guess, I'd say that most of them have supported extreme leftists in past elections.

Also, what's especially odd is that none of them really support or understand capitalism (see any videos praising capitalism or free-market economics on YouTube lately?), despite the fact that Ron Paul wants a supremely laissez-faire economy. All of them, almost without fail, have probably ranted and continue to rant at length about "greedy big companies," and yet support a politician whose actions would likely allow big companies to grow and expand.

It's juvenile.

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