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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Video Game Banning?

The U.S. is always criticized by Europeans as a terribly backward country, and yet guess which countries ban violent video games.

That's right, European ones.

The U.S., the efforts of some states notwithstanding, has pretty liberal gaming laws. The federal government is (thankfully!) reluctant to strictly regulate the video game industry. What, you might ask, is wrong in banning violent video games, or requiring companies to remove especially gruesome scenes? What is wrong with it is the same thing that is wrong with banning neo-Nazi parades; though the content is fully objectionable by almost all parties, banning it would set a dangerous precedent. Why should the government have such power? Whose responsibility is it to protect children; that of parents of that of the government? If it be that of the latter, then a precious bit of individual freedom and responsibility (for which true liberals [A.K.A. conservatives] have supposedly always stood) is forever abdicated to the government.

And that is truly objectionable.

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