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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What I Do for Fun

[21:52] john: suck my dick
[21:52] ron: i'd really rather not
[21:52] john: i'm trying to get the chinese equivalent
[21:52] john: it's difficult to find slang
[21:52] john: because it's not really in the dictionary
[21:53] john: i try to do it by searching for different possible combinations on google and seeing which has the most hits
[21:55] ron: 'cuz "fellate my phallus" and "suck my dick" mean essentially the same thing to a chinese speaker, but if you say the former you sound like a retard
[21:55] john: so far i have 吸我的雞巴
[21:56] ron: wow
Keep in mind that the Google translator renders "吸我的雞巴" as "I absorption of Jiba."

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