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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Listening to this is like listening to this.

"Umm, so, and I think, such as, because, but, umm..."

It's kind of like a bloody car accident. You know it's terrible, but you just can't stop watching.

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  1. I did NYLC, and I liked it - but I get the feeling you know this already.

    Some of the admin people were incredibly unintelligent, but the experience was fun. You put that many strangers into a hotel, with three people to a hotel room (and interconnecting rooms) and tell them to run around? Hell yeah!

    We did see some interesting panels and speakers, too, but more important was the time we got to run around Washington, D.C. and get ourselves in trouble.

    Jr. NYLC sounds stupid, though. We do not need large masses of pre-pubescent kids running around the way we did.