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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Oil Rationale

Oh boy, is this funny. Dorris Lessing, the Nobel laureate in literature, had this to say:
Look what happened to its president in New York, they called him evil and cruel in Columbia University. Marvelous! They should have said more to him! Nobody criticizes him, because of oil.
Oops! I'm sorry, Dorris Lessing, but you've got the story wrong. Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq because of oil, and are now engaging in a war-mongering campaign to "hype" the Iran threat and invade it because of, you guessed it, oil. (Yes, this is indeed the reasoning of the Angry Left.) Reminds me of Stephen Colbert's satirical quip that:
Dick Cheney’s fondest pipe dream is driving a bulldozer into The New York Times while drinking crude oil out of Keith Olbermann’s skull.
It's odd how people use the oil rationale to support whatever their political objectives are.

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