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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Review of Arcade Fire's "Funeral"

My word! This album is terrible - ludicrously overhyped. I wanted to like it; I really did. I tried. I listened to all the songs on this stupid album repeatedly, but have yet to find anything of musical value. It's merely cacophonous - none of the songs are melodious in the least, and none have anything that recommends a second listen. The album makes a stab at being "artistic," but the only thing I find at all artistic about this album is that it's suckered so many ostensibly "intelligent" people. Seriously, though, if this album "brings you to tears" or "changes your life" (Jesus Christ...), you've got to get a life. Am I taking stupid pills or something? This guy can't sing! He wails! It's nauseating! LaaaLAaaLAAlalaalALAala...sounds like a dying cat or some barely pubescent 13-year-old. Pretentious discordance is not and will never be "artistic."

The question then arises as to why so many people like this album. I suspect there's a severe case of groupthink - a few well placed people praise the album highly, using such words as "lush" and "beautiful," and what amounts to a placebo effect is created. In other words, people assume the album is supremely fantastic and make sense of the white noise herein, never bothering to check their assumptions or realize that there isn't an ounce of harmony or melody or decent chord progression to be found.

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