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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We Have a Winner!

From a thread called "Most Desperate Thing Done to get High?":
All of the above inhalants, smoked tea and oregano, tookDramamine, I drank 11 red bulls in about 20 minutes. That one was weird, I couldn't walk in a straight line, I literally felt as if my brain was sliding out of the side of my head and I couldn't control my basic motor skills for a while. I used to hold my breath and squeeze my neck until I passed out.Mutilating my body and drainingmy blood used to give me a pretty cool rush. I also used to break into peoples homes and mix all their prescription drugs together in a bowl and eat a handfull "cocktails".

I used to start fights with people I didn't think I could beat for the adrenaline rush. At my lowest point, I let a gay man suck my dick for some money to get drugs. I smashed in a mans brains with a hammer to take his drugs. Combined a bunch of different meds from fellow patients in a mental hospital. Purposely attacked the staff in the mental hospital so they would give me some "booty juice". I don't know what it was really called, but thats what we called it cuz it's a shot in the ass. That shit knocked me out for like thirty hours. I also used to take the transformers out of stereos to electricute myself with 12V batteries.

Attempted to make my own alcohol by mashing up different fruits into a pulp and leaving it under my bed for a few weeks (I actually drank it too). Played Russian Roulette to get a rush.
Another good one:
Alright. It was my birthday some years back, and I decided to go to dinner at a decent French eatery. And a friend of mine, who bothered me to no end, invited himself. After a decent meal of frog legs and good wine, I went home - followed by my "pet."

He wanted to get "high, dude!" I explained that I had nothing to help him in this endeavor. But he persisted in demanding "Anything" to alter his head state. Having had enough, I suggested he take an entire box of 12 Marezine tablets(cyclizine .HCl) and grind them into a powder and put them in a turkey-baster and shoot 'em up his butt. Guess what he did?

Yup. You never heard such moaning and groaning in your life. Part of me felt sorry for him. But another part of me was holding my ribs laughing. I went on to help him study chemistry in a University. He is now a research bio-chemist for a major pharmaceutical company. But he will never live down the "Night of the Turkey-Baster."
Ah, this one's nuts:
IV'ing pure ethanol (from the chem lab I worked at) out of a 10ml spore syringe (I replaced the huge needle with a 27 guage one). Not particularly intoxicating, shooting alcohol is kind of silly since it absorbs so rapidly when you drink it. A 10ml rig is pretty fucking large too and this wasn't some 80 proof vodka. Anyone claiming to get wasted doing this is full of shit unless they can get 100ml or more into their bloodstream quickly.

A previous poster seems to have some simlar experiences as myself. Played russian roullete once by myself just for a rush. Let a fag in frisco suck my dick for 20 bucks (bought a balloon of dope with that). I also got picked up hitchhiking in northern cali by a fag who gave me 30 bucks and some pot to WATCH him jerk off (weird shit), I bought a half gram of chiva with the 30 bucks.

Massive amounts of dramamine on a couple occassions. Horrible hallucinations, one time I attempted driving home while completely delerious and imagined that I was being pulled over by a cop that wasn't there. Ate 2 seed pods off a datura plant I was growing as well, left me blind for a couple days afterwards.

Found brown looking cotton balls on my bedroom floor, mixed them up with water and injected. Figured there might be heroin left in them, wound up with a nasty infection.

Injected 60 extended release wellbutrin pills (crudely extracted) over the course of an evening. Very speedy in a shitty coke sort of way. Injected propylhexadrine from benzadrex inhalers as well.

Went 3.5 days without eating, sleeping, or drinking anything in hopes of achieving natural delirium.
How the Mazatecs did it, I guess:
drank large bottle of 25x salvia tincture. . .spent 4 hours licking my stereo to try to turn it off. . .
This sounds fun:
killer tequilla, snort the salt, lemon in the eye, then drinking the shot. ruins people
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