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Sunday, January 20, 2008

McCain; Shamnesty?

McCain wins in South Carolina! Hurrah!

Anyway, that loser Michelle Malkin keeps calling McCain "Mr. Shamnesty," all because he's quite serious about illegal immigration. Shamnesty is a funny word the bullies at Fox News have contrived essentially to demean those whose positions on the illegal immigration issue consist in something other than "GET THEM OUT OF OUR COUNTREZ LOL."

It's almost like a magic talisman she uses to demean and bully the guy; and of course, she never provides any argument in support of her position (unless some variant of "Grrr, they took er jobs" counts). Indeed it appears that "Shamnesty" is her argument. It's a very convenient little thought box in which to place your opponents, and it provides a handy substitute for debate; I can assure you that it's quite common in middle and high school. She links to this video, in which McCain is in fact booed on stage (for his discussing actual ideas and not mere platitudes), but neglects to mention that he was cheered after saying (rightly to my mind), "I'm not gonna call up the soldier that's fighting in Iraq today and tell him I'm gonna deport his mother, I'm not gonna do that, you can do it." They can indeed, McCain. Ignore Malkin and her deport-them-all nonsense; those of us who see the issue realistically support you wholeheartedly on this matter.

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