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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chatting, Again

[22:28] M: hey
[22:28] A: hi
[22:28] M: hey
[22:28] M: wats up
[22:30] A: god, every time people say "wat" i think of this:
[22:30] M: lol
[22:31] M: i have seen that som many times
[22:32] A: yeah, it's the biggest meme in the world...but it's so funny. the "wat" is so understated, so brilliant, so genius!
[22:39] M: yes
[22:39] A: no punctuation, nothing; just pure, raw emotion
[22:39] A: i can see his face
[22:39] M: u can feel the anger the confusion the sadness
[22:39] A: yeah, exactly!
[22:40] M: they should make a movie out of it
[22:41] A: dude..that's genius
[22:41] A: "wat"
[22:41] A: i can see it now
[22:41] M: after that it just cuts to the credits
[22:42] A:'re a fucking genius
[22:44] M: just a lonely guy looking for love
[22:44] M: he turns to the internet and finds only heartbreak
[22:44] A: awesome!!!!
[22:44] A: cue sad music*
[22:45] M: yeh
[22:45] A: fuck yer
[22:45] M: flashes back 2 child traumas
[22:45] A: teehee
[22:46] M: lets get martin scorseze to direct it

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