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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dual N-Back Induces Meditation

I never got much out of traditional meditation. I was never able to sit still for that long, not out of a physical inability, but out of a mental one, and I have trouble sleeping for the same reason. (I like to talk to myself to get rid of irrelevant thoughts or to maintain focus on but one, and I think I would quickly go quite insane without doing so.) But performing the dual n-back task repeatedly for about 25 minutes puts me in an incredible, trance-like state. My breathing slows to a crawl, and all irrelevant thoughts are entirely eliminated from my mind. My attention is sharply focused on the game and on the game alone. What's more, the effect is lasting; though I am presently finished with the task, I feel it now.

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  1. Hi This is very good information. I too talk to myself too much when I should be trying my best to sleep. BTW which Dual N Back app do you use?